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The above bar shows the total amount of contributions we have received this month. The bar resets every month. The 100% value is set according to the growth of the site and serves as an indicator for our long time goals to maintain and develop the site (See also our FAQ under “For Supporters/Patrons” – “Goals”).

The level of the status bar is a fusion of USD, EUR and CHF contributions without regard to their respective exchange values. It is therefore only an estimation of the total contributions. Every completed contribution should be visible almost instantly here. If you have the feeling that your contribution is missing, please contact us.


You can find out more about our Patron-System in the FAQ under “For Supporters/Patrons”. Rest assured that every little bit counts. Even if you just chip in one Dollar/Euro/CHF, it still makes a big difference for us!

Please choose first a one-time contribution method or one of our subscription models. Single payments need to define an amount (minimum 1.-). In the end, you can enter your debit or credit card info (not needed for PayPal).